Here's just a small glimpse of how easy it is to get involved
while impacting the course of a person's entire life...



Whether you are interested in coaching a weekly sports team in the local league, or bringing a football, basketball, or soccer ball with you to play with some of the kids, WE NEED YOU!!


Music unites. Whether you want to bring in your band to perform, teach an instrument, write lyrics, dance, or simply take a moment to give back to the generations, the kids await you! Whether you perform and fill arenas globally or are working from your parent's basement, taking time to invest your skills and passion into these little rockstars' lives will never be something you will regret.



Too often a child can "fall behind" not because of lack of effort, desire or their surroundings, but because they just need someone who believes in them... someone who tells them anything is possible and that they will do great things! Whether you have received academic accolades or simply want to provide a better way forward for a child, these little legends to those in their 20's need you!

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Our investment into the community does not stop with the youth. We have the honor of investing into families and adults. We see the investment we do in the children's lives as a base we get to further build upon with them in their adult lives. From providing resume assistance, practice for job interviews, providing opportunities for employment, to empowering with attire so they can "dress for success" both at the workplace and beyond, we are always enabling opportunities for all. Too often organizations overlook the complete family unit. Due to our track record of 10+ years of weekly engagement, we have been entrusted by the community and continually are providing pathways forward for all, regardless of age or background. As we continue to see individuals succeed, we believe everyone in the community benefits. We celebrate their pathway forward and continue to empower them through our large network of business individuals and corporations.



We have a social responsibility to be good stewards of this planet. Our actions today impact the generations of tomorrow. Whether it is teaching basic principles such as the importance of recycling and not littering or pressing issues of the times, your wisdom and time makes a great impact. Knowledge is power. Let's give these kids the power they rightfully deserve.


Whether you want to help put on a Mini-Basketball Camp, bring in a music band to play, or bring in a ton of blank canvases to teach the kids how to paint, the options and ideas are endless! Let us know what you like to help put together!


No need to stay within the lines! These little rockstars are creative like no other. Come and we will equip you or bring something special to share with these kids! We can guarantee a moment sketched in your heart!


Move over Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston, these kids know how to act! Help channel their skills and encourage them to see beyond what they thought was possible!


Bring your style and wisdom from Fashion Week and the drawing board to the housing projects! These kids are often leading the way in trends and will leave no thought unsaid when asked what they think. Invest your wisdom! Feel free to bring materials or clothes and make fashion come alive for these youth! Your time will create memories and empower possibilities they will never forget!

Field TripS

Many of these little heroes have not been beyond a few blocks of where they live. Thanks to over 13 years of weekly investment into the community, the families trust and love us providing opportunities for their children to experience. So whether you want to take some kids to a yogurt store, bowling, to a professional sports event, the ocean or even to a movie, please let us know! There are so many parents waiting and hoping for a mentor to provide an opportunity for their child to experience!