We pride ourselves with creating easy access points
for people to give back and make an impact!

30-40,000 non-profits are based in Los Angeles alone. Yet finding a charity to easily get involved in, can be rather hard to find. 

Our mentors (volunteers) are the heartbeat of who we are and everything we do. Feel free to get involved by filling out your information below. This will enable us to engage your areas of interest/strengths and keep you in the loop of opportunities for impact.

Become a Mentor

To be a modern day superhero (aka: "mentor") to some amazing youth, fill out the form below and you will receive our Monthly Update of ways you can be involved. After filling out below, we would be honored to have you join us this Saturday in Watts Housing Projects (LA) or the Far Rockaways (NYC) to start making a lasting impact on a child's life!
* Feel free to also contact Rose at rose@redeye.org if you would like to join this Saturday!